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Help My Teen
is an organization with over 20 years experience in counseling and connecting families with appropriate situations for their troubled teen. Through a network of associates and programs available we have been able to direct many besieged and divided families towards healing and unification to a common goal - that of appropriate and positive relationships with self and within the family and structure of society.

We offer:

  • 20 years of academic and professional experience. Consulting with and assisting families of adolescents for over 12 years.
  • Continuing and ongoing communication and relationship with many past clients. 96% parent satisfaction rate.
  • 100% attention given to the needs of the family and the child. Small office with confidential and attentive staff.
  • 24-hours, 7 days a week availability.
  • Cost effective and immediate solutions. Funding Available.
  • Assists in the fulfilling of parental responsibility to the adolescent who is noncompliant.
  • Network of families and students who are willing to communicate with others regarding their experience with Help My Teen.
  • Close association with several specialty boarding schools and behavior programs.
Specialty Boarding Schools: ages 13-18. Nevada, South Carolina, Western Montana, Up State New York, Georgia, Louisiana, and Iowa.

Therapeutic Boarding School: ages 13-18. Southern Utah, Jamaica.

Young Adult Specialty Boarding Program: ages 18 and over. Western Montana, Costa Rico.

Pre-teen Specialty Boarding School: ages 7-13. Northern Utah.

Through these facilities we have been able to assist many families in need of services for their children with many of the following issues:

  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Depression
  • Bipolar
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Divorce and Family Conflict Issues
  • Adoption Issues
  • School Problems
  • Poor Peer Choices
  • Runaway and Curfew
  • Minimal Legal Issues
  • Accountability and Responsibility Issues
  • Integrity
  • Self Esteem and Emotional Issues
What enables the recommended programs to be successful is:

Active Involvement
of parents in support meetings and Seminars, locally and at the facilities.
Programs based on results- not time
Monthly News Letter
that provides a connection between parents, teens and program.
Parent Coordinators and Support Staff to assist in answering questions.
Internet Bulletin Board to provide information and support.
Home Visits to test the teens readiness to return home.
Home Contract that identifies boundaries to assist in long-term success.
Family After Care to successfully move family forward after graduation.
Warranty that will assure child's internalization of program points and objectives.

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