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Boot Camps and Military Schools  
 The programs that are recommended by Help My Teen are very different than a Boot Camp or Military school. Most parents who grew up during the60's and 70's may remember out of control peers being sent to Military Schools or a Boot Camp. This option was quite popular during that time. The Boot Camps and Military Schools of today are very different and do not serve the same population as do the Specialty Schools represented by Help My Teen.

 Boot Camps

A true boot camp will include uniforms, marching in formation, a "yes sir"- "no sir" mentality, up early, and a very structured environment. A boot camp will be an in your face type program with drill sergeants, bunk beds, marching, physical �attitude adjustment� and other means to radically change a child in a SHORT TERM period of time.

A Boot Camp will often times take a harder core child. A child that has been placed in the program by the courts or by parents who feel there is no other option and have given up hope.

Boot Camps are usually shorter term and do not have the LONG TERM results that a SPECIALTY SCHOOL has. More often than not the Boot Camp will RECOMMEND a LONGER TERM program such as the Help My Teen programs once the child is done at the Boot Camp.

EDUCATION in a Boot Camp is NOT a focus. Most Boot Camps do not even provide education. The Boot Camp goal is to modify the Behaviors ONLY

Military Schools

Military Schools also have the drills and the structure but they are geared for the individual who is looking at a possible career in the military. Many Military schools have NO tolerance for bad behaviors. Parents will enroll their troubled child in a Military School and then the child is expelled from the school for inappropriate attitude or behaviors. The parents then loose a large amount of money as the semester or full years tuition is paid I advance and non refundable.

A military school is a choice for the adolescent who usually needs to mature, get an education and looking towards a career in the service.


The Specialty Schools recommended by Help My Teen provide Long Term, academic, emotional growth and behavior modification options for parents with struggling teens. These facilities are THE BEST option for parents who do not want to give up on their child but direct them to a long and productive future. THESE PROGRAMS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

These results are hard fast and time proven.

These options have a WARRANTY to insure the continued success.

There is Support for the family throughout the WHOLE process.

The adolescent gets EDUCATION as well as Behavior modification, self- esteem and emotional growth and family values.

98% Parent Satisfaction on over 15,000 students enrolled



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