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How long do these schools last?

The time at these facilities are based on the progression of the individual. The average length of stay is 12-15 months. There is an option for a 3-month program that allows the parents to "test" their kids and then determine IF they need a long-term program. The parents choose the length of contract upon admission and can decide to continue treatment once the term of contract is met.
What kinds of kids come to these programs?
These facilities do NOT deal with the hard core legal or drug abusers. Adolescents with major mental or medical diagnoses would NOT be appropriate. The students are usually good kids who are starting to make some poor choices with friends, school, drugs, attitude and family. Many have had issues with divorce or adoption and /or are just not dealing with adolescence very well. Through the treatment available these kids find and learn to love themselves so they can love their families and start to move in a positive direction.
What about Add/Adhd and Bi-polar diagnoses?  
Many of the students have been diagnosed with add/adhd or bi-polar or some sort of disorder. For many this has been a license to act out - others truly need the meds and therapy. Our philosophy is that as the child learns to love and forgive himself he/she can also love others (family, friends, life, etc.) As the child gains this respect for self he will begin to make more appropriate choices based on the newfound accountability to self and others. As the choices are successful, negative attitudes and habits change to positive ones.
What about medication?
One of the goals is to get the child to a point where there is not the need for as many, if any medications. This is accomplished by helping the individual to recognize that they need to be accountable and conscious of choice on a daily basis. As they achieve this - they are better able to control the impulsive behaviors. The world expects a lot of the youth today and they are bombarded with all kinds of positive and negative stimuli. These schools help them to become emotionally strong so that they can discern the good from the bad and the appropriate from the inappropriate behaviors. The adolescent gains internal fortitude and self-control in our programs. We have processes that they go through to achieve this and gain the necessary tools to survive. We have a very strong support system for the family at home as well.

If the child continues to need medication, there is a nurse on staff that administers the medication. With the parents permission they may try to wean the child off some of the meds and see how that individual functions in a structured facility. As this is successful the program will assist that individual in continuing success with the personal growth and individual behavior management.

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