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Financial Options

We understand the cost of a placement can be a challenge to some families. We have several options to assist the family in funding the treatment of the adolescent. These options will allow the family to not be over burdened financially and therefore not jeopardizing the family's lifestyle.

All programs that are represented can be paid on a month-to-month basis. There is a discount for full years tuition paid via personal check or through an educational loan.

Methods of Payment:

Personal checks

Credit Cards (accumulate frequent flyer miles which can be used for travel expenses)

Home loans and second mortgages - rates are low and these can be tax deducted.

Educational loans
Special education funds - available through local school boards.

Tax deductions - for residential treatment programs for behavioral and drug issues.

Please contact the representative at Help My Teen for confidential interviews and suggestions of services that may be available to you.

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