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Lisa -

I want to thank you for everything you did to make my decision easier to place my son at Casa by the Sea. This was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, but I know that my son is in good hands and he will come home the person he is capable of being. You are a wonderful person.


Lisa -

Thank you for your help and commitment to my son and family. You are truly a God Send.

L.A and J.A.

Lisa -

Very recently we called you to get a referral for our troubled daughter. You are the one who assisted us. This is to thank you for your time, patience answers and especially for your superb efficiency. Our daughter is now getting the help she needs.

J.S. and L.A.

Lisa -

You helped us feel safe and cared for when we planned to send our daughter to a program. You helped us pick the right facility for her and made the arrangements for pick up within days. It was just right. We will never forget what you gave of yourself for our family. We never met you. You were patient with my any calls and held our hand so intently that we trusted you and the program, sight unseen. You sent the angels, C and J to escort our wonderful, dear, fragile daughter.

Lisa -

I have thought of you so often over the past year, as C. has worked his way through the program. How grateful I am that you were there for us at a time that, as you write, was one of need and urgency. My wonderful son is alive - and the quality of his life promises to be solidly and truly GOOD because you were there for us.

We celebrated C's first homecoming yesterday. He will return to the facility in a week, exactly 13 months to the day that we first brought him to CCC. What a huge change in attitude and approach to life he has brought about! He has matured; gaining a sense of self and that is joyous to see. He loves staffing seminars, and we will begin to do son together.

You spent hours with me on the phone. You followed up when you did not hear from me. You cared. It brings tears to my eyes even now when I look back on how frightened and vulnerable both my son and I were then. It brings a very different kind of tears than people might expect - because they are tears of profound gratitude for the work you do. May the abundance that is already yours be forthcoming with Grade ad Love-

P.A. Mother of C.D.

Lisa -

I have been extremely pleased with the program that Ross is in (Spring Creek Lodge) The program has helped me personally to grow and change and helped our marriage also. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the program, from the secretaries and staff at the school, family representatives, counselors, nurses etc. They have been assistive and helpful in every aspect of this difficult decision in our life.
I cant thank you or this program enough. I know that this decision probably saved my sons life and no matter the expense or the initial heartache right now it was the best thing I could have done.

Thanks for everything and Good Luck

Lisa -

Our feelings are mutual for you. It has been a privilege. You will do well in marketing and we support you. Let us know if we can be of any help. Our son is Level 4 at Casa and we are proud of him. He acknowledged the program saved him from himself and we are forever grateful! Barbara and I acknowledged to ourselves and our family our "grungies" and have moved closer to a whole and healthy family. I'm planning to staff Focus in Dallas next month and I'm excited. It'll be my first staffing experience. Keep in touch!

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